A Partnership
Built On

Benefit Trust was formed with the single-minded fiduciary focus of delivering services to corporations, institutions and executives. Our core offerings include custom benefit plans, trustee and custodial services, trading platforms, portfolio unitization, investment management, and collective trust services. We ensure the proper blend of comprehensive delivery and security of assets through custody, trust and transaction services combined with the knowledge and dedication of world-class professionals.

We understand the need for customized solutions to meet the demands of highly sophisticated clients.
An Approach
Built On

Benefit Trust is privately held, and publicly accountable—to you. Since 2002 we’ve been trusted with assets totaling in excess of $15 billion, from everyday custodial responsibilities to the truly exceptional. We have years of history of precision. Let us put that history to work—for you.

Your Portfolio Your Way

Our proprietary platform, nBalance, allows you to manage your portfolio the way you’ve always known it could—and should—be done. No more tedious spreadsheet manipulation fraught with human error. Set up your portfolio with a limitless number of tiers, asset combinations, currencies, and granularity. Then sit back and let us keep you in balance, with nBalance.

Benefit Trust Heads to the Napa 401(k) Summit & Country Music Festival

what is the napa 401(k) summit? Expert retirement industry speakers by day and Nashville’s musical talent by night. Benefit Trust will be attending the 2018 NAPA 401(k) SUMMIT & Country Music Festival. These events will take place April 15th – 17th in Nashville, TN. Here we’ll come together with fellow retirement plan professionals for the …

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Cost of Living Adjustments for Retirement Plans (COLA)

Do you know your limits? retirement plan limits that is. With retirement plans, as with other facets of your business, it is important to understand and monitor limits imposed by various laws and regulations. One challenge in monitoring retirement plans limits, however, is that they are constantly changing. Each year in October, the IRS announces …

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nBalance – Fund of Funds Portfolio Management System

Overview Benefit Trust Company’s “nBalance” is an automated, state-of-the-art, multi-currency Fund of Funds (FoF) portfolio cash flow management system, offered as a Benefit Trust-hosted service, which is designed to provide algorithmic cash flow allocation and rebalancing for asset allocation models that span an arbitrary number of hierarchal sub-asset class levels.  nBalance can deploy cash flows …

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