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Benefit Trust understands the need for customized solutions to meet the demands of highly sophisticated clients. Beginning with a robust customized benefit and retirement plan solution, and including investment management and Reinsurance Trust, Benefit Trust offers one of a kind services with the high-touch, personalized service you demand.

Customized Benefit & Retirement Plans

  • Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Non-Qualified Retirement Plans

We are an exclusive ERISA service provider offering full trustee services with a single-minded focus on your plan’s success. If you want to minimize your fiduciary liability, and still provide a meaningful benefit to your employees, then you need the flexibility and confidence of a retirement and benefit plan specialist. Benefit Trust helps you create a customized, unique Qualified and Non-Qualified plans that offers a significant benefit to your employees.

Plan Sponsor Participants, Beneficiaries

Benefit Trust Trustee, Custodian Trust Administration

TPAs, Record-keepers, Investment Managers

Investment Management

  • Independent Decision Making
  • Flexible Service Levels
  • Collective Investment Trusts

Benefit Trust will select and monitor a variety of investment options that take into account the requirements of your plan and your employee base, while addressing the full range of investment styles and market segments. Benefit Trust also sponsors and serves as discretionary trustee for collective investment trusts which provide cost efficient access to professional money managers.

Reinsurance Trusts

Reinsurance trusts are becoming the preferred alternative to letters of credit as a simple and cost-effective alternative. Unlike a letter of credit, the trust does not need to be renewed or renegotiated on an annual basis. Assets are held in trust in order to meet the payment obligations of the service contracts or warranties.


We have a team of experts that are dedicated to helping our public entity clients navigate the complex maze of regulations and requirements for Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statements. We help government entities design and implement innovative solutions to meet the new requirements for reporting post-employment benefits (OPEB) on an accrual basis, including retiree health, life, dental, and vision care. Let us customize the solution that best meets the needs of both your public entity and its retirees.

Managed Portfolios
Managed Portfolios
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