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Fundplicity Agreements
Fundplicity Interfaces
Interaction among the various parties involved in trading via DTCC is governed by agreement. The following is a summary of the agreements that may be needed, depending on whether the Fund Company is a direct member or uses a Fund Sponsor to place its funds on the DTCC platform.
TA Service Agreement
If the Fund Company is utilizing a Transfer Agent, an agreement is needed between the Fund Company and the TA in order to establish the terms of service.
Fundplicity Service Agreement
The TA or Fund Company (if acting as TA) must sign a service agreement with BT (a member of both DTCC and SWIFT) in order to use the Fundplicity platform.
Fund Sponsorship Agreement
If the Fund Company is not a direct member, a Fund Sponsorship agreement with a DTCC Rule 2(ii)(c) member is necessary in order to place funds on NSCC's Fund/SERV platform.
DTCC Settlement Bank Agreement
If the Fund Company is a direct member of DTCC and will be settling USD via DTCC, the Fund Company must engage a US-based DTCC Settlement Bank in order to affect settlement.
Buy-Side Distribution Agreements
The Fund Company may engage one or more buy-side distributors that have various requirements and may mandate use of DTCC's platform; these requirements are typically embodied in an agreement.
Fund Trading Agreement
The Fund Company may have its own trading agreement that authorizes buy-side entities to purchase its funds. Some agreements may be Fund/SERV and Networking-specific.