Institutional Services
Benefit Trust's Institutional service team provides exceptional and responsive service to our clients.
Fiduciary First
Our primary function is to protect and serve your financial interests, as the trustee and/or custodian of qualified and non-qualified plan assets.
Highly Customized
Benefit Trust provides optimal flexibility in customized plans for all your needs. From mutual fund trading, unitized portfolios to collective investment trusts, Benefit Trust partners with you to customize your plan in an ever-evolving market.
Partnership Solutions
Benefit Trust tightly integrates with all the key stakeholders in the process, including Investment Advisors, Recordkeepers, TPAs and Plan Sponsors.
Benefit Trust promises to quickly respond with quality ideas and timely solutions that will achieve your goals.
  • Directed Trustee Services
  • Custodial Services
  • Paying Agent
  • Omnibus IRA
As the directed trustee, Benefit Trust holds legal title to the assets held in trust. As custodian, Benefit Trust safekeeps and accounts for plan assets, exercising no discretion.
Disbursements are completed quickly and professionally, including periodic and recurring payments with federal and state tax withholdings.
  • Employer Securities
  • Fund-of-Funds
  • Managed Portfolios
Benefit Trust's sophisticated capabilities support unitized funds. Utilizing a multi-currency accounting system, Benefit Trust accommodates virtually any type of marketable security.
An investment advisor can create one or a series of fund-of-funds, or customized portfolios to be used within a plan investment lineup.
  • Sponsor and Discretionary Trustee
  • CUSIP / NSCC Trading
Benefit Trust sponsors Collective Investment Trusts (CITs). Each CIT employs outside investment managers. All CITs use a multi-class structure with variable expenses and are traded on multiple platforms on the NSCC.
As the directed trustee or custodian, Benefit Trust will provide detailed reporting on your account. Benefit Trust delivers periodic and annual statements through our website.
A certified annual statement containing 5% reportable transaction schedules is always provided at no additional cost. Internet access to real-time positions and transactions is available 24 hours a day.