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Why Benefit Trust
Benefit Trust Organization
Benefit Trust's benefit plan services help plan sponsors meet statutory and regulatory requirements.
We are a full-service, fiduciary trust company with the size, technology, experience and capabilities providing truly customizable, reliable and scalable solutions.
Our Service Suite
Benefit Trust provides a full array of custom services to the accounts we service including:
  • Directed Trustee Services: We hold legal title to all plan assets
  • Custodian Services: We provide safekeeping and accounting of all plan assets
  • Paying Agent: We process benefit payments timely and efficiently
Comprehensive Business Management Process
Comprehensive Business Management
Mutual Fund Selection: We provide a true open architecture process allowing full and open selection of mutual funds.
Recordkeeping: Our technology interfaces allow for secure exchange of information.
Plan Sponsor: Plan Sponsors are provided continuous access to their account information.
Custodial Services: All records are protected for safekeeping and accurate reporting of plan assets.
Benefit Trust offers trust and custodial services to all types of retirement plans:
Qualified Retirement Plans
Profit-Sharing Plan - A great way to reward your employees for the company's success. The plan sponsor chooses how much to contribute, based on a discretionary funding method.
401(k), 403(b) Plans - An industry standard in retirement planning. Employees elect to contribute a portion of their salary on a pre-tax basis. The plan sponsor may choose to match employee deferrals, but are not required to do so.
Money Purchase Pension Plan - A great investment in the future of an employer's employees. The contribution is stated in the plan document, and the same percentage contribution is required each year.
Employee Stock Ownership Plan - An excellent combination of a stock purchase plan and a retirement savings program. An employer-funded retirement savings program that invests wholly (or substantially) in company stock.
Defined Benefit Plan - The opportunity to offer your employees the security of a guaranteed income at retirement. Contributions are estimated from an annual calculation, based on the overall benefits to each plan participant.
Non-Qualified Retirement Plans
Non-qualified, deferred compensation plans are uniquely designed to meet the retirement income needs of key personnel, while avoiding the usual administrative and regulatory burdens associated with qualified retirement plans.
457 is a type of a non-qualified deferred compensation plan designed to cover governmental and certain non-governmental employees.
Omnibus IRAs
Instead of watching automatic and voluntary rollovers leave your control consider establishing an Omnibus IRA. Plan termination assets are perfect for an Omnibus IRA.
As the directed trustee or custodian, Benefit Trust will provide detailed reporting on your account. Benefit Trust delivers periodic and annual statements through our website.
A certified annual statement containing 5% reportable transaction schedules is always provided at no additional cost. Internet access to real-time positions and transactions is available 24 hours a day.