The BT Difference
About Us
Benefit Trust was formed with a fiduciary single-minded focus of delivering services to corporations, institutions and executives. Our core offerings include custom benefit plans, trustee and custodial services, trading, portfolio unitization, investment management, and collective trust services.
Benefit Trust is a privately-held, independent trust company, and was granted a charter by the Office of the State Bank Commissioner in the State of Kansas in 2002.
Benefit Trust has in excess of $14 billion in assets under trust and custody. Additionally, Benefit Trust has administrative responsibilities for $102 billion in daily settlements and establishes daily net asset values in excess of $4 billion.
From the everyday to the exceptional, details of your custodial needs are supported by Benefit Trust's state-of-the-art systems, providing you with the highest level of service available. These systems include:
  • Automated links to recordkeeping systems
  • Open architecture trading
  • Experienced support for plan conversions to ensure smooth and timely transfer of assets
  • A variety of options for receipt of contributions, rollovers, etc.
  • Multiple options for payment of benefits
  • Timely certified annual trust statements
  • Omnibus or plan specific mutual fund account tracking
  • Option of building wrap fees into investments
With Benefit Trust Company, you can customize your interface, resulting in greater flexibility when meeting industry and client needs. You can expect:
  • Creation of a customized program to maximize your efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Superior accessibility to the financial information you need, including daily access to investments and their valuation for your defined contribution and defined benefit customers.
  • Optimal flexibility in user-defined reporting and hands-on, personalized professional support.
  • Timely and efficient flow of information, providing outstanding opportunities and benefits.
  • Current data on evolving needs, industry trends and regulatory changes through internally developed and maintained systems.
A responsive partnership through open dialogue is the hallmark of Benefit Trust. Services are delivered to your expectations, along with comprehensive reviews of new products as they emerge. Prompt response to client inquiries is always a priority. Everybody gains when your operations run smoothly. Benefit Trust's person-to-person, experienced assistance in the conversion process helps to allay fears and ensure a smooth transition.
Structured to maintain a tightly controlled environment, Benefit Trust meets regulatory oversight by the state of Kansas. You can be assured that the following controls are in place at all times:
  • Integrated systems automatically process and monitor plan transactions and produce numerous reports which satisfy management and regulatory needs with consistent accuracy.
  • BTPassport, an online application, allows you to verify trades, request reports and perform general inquiries with a rolling, 24-month transaction history.
  • An annual Level II, third-party review of internal accounting controls is conducted in compliance with SSAE 16.
Benefit Trust Company will act as either directed trustee or custodian, holding legal title to plan assets while management and disposition of plan assets are directed by others. With our services, you will benefit from:
  • State-of-the-art accounting systems
  • Certified annual trust statements
  • 5% reportable transaction schedules included with annual statements
  • Internet access to transaction history and asset positions
  • Disbursement registers reflecting payment history